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Magnetic Tool Tray

This is a great set of two pack magnetic tool tray that comes with large set of mechanics magnetic parts. They can hold all types of tools, screws, nails, hammers, etc.

Magnetic Tool Tray Ebay

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Best Magnetic Tool Tray

This is a great way to organize and control your tools. The metal structure makes it sturdy and prevent them from turning. The storage area is big enough to store all your tools at the same time. The tray is also adjustable to fit any tool size. The box organizer can hold all the tools together with a single layer of plastic. The part holder is also available for different parts of the tool tray. The part can be easily attached with some nails or screws. this is a 4pc magnetic tool tray shelf toolbox set bin storage toolsk. Com van workshop new. It comes with 4pc magnetic tool tray shelf, which is perfect for larger projects. The toolbox set also comes with a storage toolsk. Com and a new workshopbench. This toolbox can store all of your tools, and it makes a great addition to your workshop. this hansen socket organizer holder storage trays - 14 38 12 is made of metal and is designed to hold onto and organize tools and other equipment. It has two hanger clips that allow you to put it on and off of your tool tray and it also has a release button that let's you remove it if you need to. This tool tray is also magnetic so that you can easily move it around and make it morepeakly organized. The magnetic tool tray is perfect for holding screws, screws, and other magnetic items. The tray is also moveable to allow for different positioning within the tray. The tray has a 12 magnetic tool holder storage shelf bin and a screwdriver holder storage shelf bin. The shelf bin has a comfortable padded kensington security material. The bin is about 12" wide, 5" high, and has a magnetic structure. The tray is available in colors black, white, and red.