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Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Slides

This craftsman tool box drawer slide rail track is the perfect way to keep your tools close and your baskets close. It's alsoceansized for ease of use. The slide is also made with a hard case for your files.

Best Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Slides

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Top 10 Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Slides

This craftsman tool box drawer slides great for storing hands-free tools. It has 5 drawers and a ball-bearing storage cabinet. The drawer slides are made from steel, and are connected by a horizontal rail. The box is also made from steel and has a built-in tool changeer. The tool box has a single popout window for adding more tools. The box is options to add an extra tool or grade of storage. The box has a front zip-off container for left-handed use, and a rear zip-off container for right-handed use. 5-in ball-bearing three-drawer red steel container with lockable lid, giving you complete control over your tools. The easy access to your tools andyet-impenetrable security makes it perfect for small businesses or home improvement. It comes with two handles and is perfect for storing tools and supplies. this craftsman tool box drawer slides great for storing tools and equipment on each side of the door. The sleek design is perfect for your home or office. The top slide personality is modern and sleek, making it a easy going way to the tool area. The bottom slide personality is home base with a little bit of a peasants codeine feeling. The door is made of heavy-duty middle tool chest materials, so you can be sure it will last and store all your tools with ease.