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Aluminum Tooling Plate

This 2x aluminum sheet tooling plate will handle 12 x 12 inches with a 1. 5mm thickness. It is perfect for repair projects or to protect surfaces.

Aluminum Tooling Plate Ebay

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Cheap Aluminum Tooling Plate

This aluminum tooling plate is perfect for working with 12 x 5 x 9 tools. It is made from durable material that is sure to last. The plate has a 0. 250 x 10 x 10mm spacing and a 10 x 10mm depth. It is also lead-free and paintable. this is a 12x12x12 tooling plate thatosuketh aluminum cast tooling. The plate is. 500 thick and contains 12 individual 20 tooling readings. The plate also has a 12x12x12 temperature profile that allows you to explore the various temperatures that the tooling can withstand. this aluminum tooling plate is the perfect size for our mic-6 cast aluminum tooling plate. The plate has a size of 38 x 13. 045 x 8. 865 and has a thickness of 0. 351 mm. It is also available in a size of 39 x 14. 065 x 9.