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3/8 Lathe Tool Bits

This 3 length lathe fly cutter is perfect for any small to medium size businesses that need to cutters. With 5 pc 38 high speed steel tool bits, this is the perfect tool for the most experienced businesses.

Cheap 3/8 Lathe Tool Bits

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3/8 Lathe Tool Bits Amazon

This package includes the following items: - 3/8" carbide insert turning tool bit lathe set - c6 chipbreaker - 3/8" carbide turning tool - 1" bit lathe set - 1" carbide turning tool bit set This is a 6-point jig for 38 thread cutting bits (also known as a lathe tool bit grinder or a cdc grinder). It can be used for grinding or jigsawing downpyrolysisentonites (py) materials with other lathes. The jig has a 60 degree grinding edge, so that you can target the correct bit and grind down effectively. this is a perfect forgrinding jig for 36 bit lathes. It has a 60 degree cutting angle making it perfect for grinding 36 bit lathes. The body is made of thick brass with a heavy-duty plastic cover to keep the jig together and easy to keep clean. The jig also has a built-in grinding wheel for easy grinding. This perfect forgrinding jig is perfect for those looking for a high-quality grinding tool. this 20pc 38 carbide tip cutter bit is tributed with ametal lathe tooling. It has a set of bit lips and a tip. The bit isaired for use with a metallurgist. This bit is a great tool for.